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Details Reception Ballet and Tap | 4-5 Years

This class is the next step up after completing the Baby Ballet Class.

As the children are a little older now, they are ready for a class that will challenge and stimulate them a bit further. This class is more structured and develops the basic ballet steps taught in the previous class, whilst still including movement to music and mime, which are important elements of dance.

An enjoyable part of this class is the introduction of tap dancing, as the girls love to put on a pair of noisy tap shoes! They are taught the basic tap steps, which through their very nature help co-ordination and balance.

Those girls wishing to pursue dance as a hobby can continue with classes when they begin full time education, having acquired a good basic training in tap and ballet dancing.

Even if your child doesn't choose to continue having dance lessons I'm sure you will find that they have enjoyed their pre-school lessons and gained many important skills that will help them as they continue to develop.


Please note: We also have a Pre-school Ballet & Tap class on Monday for children from 4 years who have completed 2 terms in Baby Ballet.

Class schedule
St John's Church Hall
Day Start Finish
Monday 4.00pm 4.45pm
Thursday 4.15pm 5.00pm
Wilmslow Leisure Centre (Pre-School Ballet & Tap)
Day Start Finish
Monday 2.00pm 2.45pm

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