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Details Baby Ballet | 3 Years

Dance offers something for everyone at this age, and this class introduces basic ballet skills in a fun way.

Dance gives a sense of physical co-ordination, helps maintain good posture and balance and improves confidence. It also exercises the mind in an effort of concentration completely different to that required for school studies.

As we all know, little girls love to dream of becoming a ballerina, and a pink ballet leotard, skirt and dainty shoes all help to make the dream come true!

We do little ballet runs around the room holding our skirts out wide, little turns with our arms up high, we point and flex our toes and skip and dance to our heart's content.

Movement to music, mime, suppleness exercises, modern dancing and singing are all incorporated into the lessons to provide plenty of variety and most importantly, to keep the classes fun!

Class schedule
Wilmslow Leisure Centre
Day Start Finish
Monday 1.15pm 1.45pm
St John's Church Hall
Day Start Finish
Wednesday 10.30am 11.00am

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