These classes are carefully designed and structured for the terrible twos!

We play with balls, musical instruments, bubbles, sing songs, move and dance to music, gallop about on hobby horses, do little mimes, run about and generally have a good time.

In the first part of the lesson, the children have a free play and are encouraged to interact with the other children and improve their social skills by sharing and taking turns.

The next part of the class requires the children to listen to instructions and concentrate.

I like the children to feel that it is their special class and if they don’t feel up to participating in a certain activity then there is no pressure put on them. I like them to feel that they can go at their own pace and allow them to choose so that they feel independent. Most youngsters would rather achieve by themselves and look to you for encouragement. Praise builds confidence and confidence creates success.

You can join in with your child if they need you and as they grow in confidence you will be able to sit back and watch from the sidelines.

The lesson ends with everyone sitting in a group and singing a song. Each child is given their own sticker card and each week they receive a special sticker or star for coming to their class and being a good little girl or boy. The children love to collect these stickers and take them home to show mummy and daddy what they have achieved.


St John's Church Hall, Wilmslow

Wednesday 9.30am 10.15am