The Magic Of Ballet

We’ve talked about the benefits of ballet and dance for your child, how it can aid in their physical and social development as well as helping them to learn numerous new and important skills.

But what about the really important bit, the bit that makes it such a fun way to achieve these things…the magic of ballet itself!

 For a young child, their first ballet lesson is the first step into a wonderful, magical new world. They get to tie up their hair and wear special clothes: a tutu, a leotard and even special shoes! They can watch themselves as they move to the music and learn to do the things they’ve seen elegant ballerinas do on TV and in films all for themselves.

The freedom of Toddlers Dance and Baby Ballet allows your child to really explore this new and magical world. In our lessons we do fun exercises such as; little ballet runs around the room, holding our skirts out wide, little turns with our arms up high, we point and flex our toes and skip and dance to our heart’s content!